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Cranberry Collection - Catalog 100

"Pilgrim Glass: Mouthblown Cranberry Made in West Virginia For Glass Lovers All Over the World." was the tag line on their Catalog 100. I believe this was published in the 2003 time period just before they went out of business. The catalog 100 link on the left will take you to a scanned copy of the Pilgrim Glass catalog where you can look through it page by page.

Cranberry glass was clearly their most popular product at the time and the entire catalog is has only two pages about something else. The other two pages featured glass beads or glass marbles.

However, Pilgrim Glass had been in business for a long time and along the way hade made most styles of glass. We have satin glass, spatter glass, and glass of other colors with Pilgrim labels. We will be publishing those as we get pictures taken.

The glass whales link goes to a page with closeup pictures of three glass whales. Two have Pilgrim glass labels and one does not.

The Cranberry close up is a series of photographs of three cranberry items that try to show how you can tell Pilgrim glass from other hand blown glass, without a label. There are lots of good deals on Ebay if you can buy with confidence without a label.